Because some things in life seem so natural, it is often taken for granted that they work. It simply just has to work all the time! However, due to the climate and subsequent appliance usage in UAE, plumbing, A/C and electrical supply requires frequent maintenance checks.

To avoid sudden breakdowns, these systems need carefully scheduled maintenance. At TAGME ELECTROMECHANICAL, we offer both preventive and corrective maintenance to our customers in all of the above mentioned areas. With a maintenance contract from TagMe, you will free yourself from the worries. We will perform periodic service checks to prevent breakdowns, and will also assist if an unexpected equipment failure should occur.  TagMe is a reliable maintenance supplier offering different packages of maintenance according to the degree suitable for our customers’ requirements. We will surely be able to find a solution fitted for your requirements.


Tag Me Electromechanical firmly believes that our systemic procedures and business processes, professionally executed and well accomplished by our enthusiastic

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